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Default 2.4v lightbulb for 2 AA batteries?

On Mar 16, 5:32*am, mm wrote:
On Sun, 16 Mar 2008 02:22:04 +0000 (UTC), (Don

Klipstein) wrote:
In article , mm wrote:

I bought a flashlight that came with two spare bulbs, that say on them
2.4v. *So does the one in the flashlight. *The flashlight uses two
batteries in series, and I thought that should be 3 volts. *Is this
"normal" or is the bulb going to burn out quickly? *Or what? *

*Flashlight bulbs are normally rated for about 1.2-1.25 volts per cell,
so as to achieve full brightness when the batteries are in, in my words,
"average condition". *There is also some consideration for "average"
internal resistance of the batteries.

Thanks to all of you. *(I wonder why I never noticed this before.)

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Agree: With ordinary/regular batteries by the time the electricity
comes out it will have encountered some internal resistance within the
battery itself. So over the life of the battery the voltage will be
somewhere below the nominal 1.5 volts per cell, (3.0 volts for two).
Very large batteries may have lower voltage dop, especially on small