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Default OK to air-nail 2x4s together on their flat faces?

On Mar 15, 6:16*pm, bryan wrote:
Can I use an air-actuated framing nailer gun to nail parallel 2x4s

I have a home business, and one of the tasks is to screw 2x4s together
to make one thick post. I spread glue on the 3.5" wide faces, then
clamp them together before fastening.

Instead of driving deck screws for fastening, I am curious if I can
use a pneumatic framing nailer.

Would I split the wood?

Why bother with nails or screws if you are gluing the two bys
together? Simply use enough clamps to hold them overnight and you're
good to go in the morning. If it makes you feel better, use a couple
ring shank nails at each clamping site or someplace where it might
impress a customer. Framing nails are available in thicknesses
unlikely to split the wood. Check out the Senco line for some of the
best tools and fasteners in the business. HTH