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Default Plumbing question

On Mar 15, 5:45 pm, wrote:
I want to tap into an existing cold water line in my garage. Without
giving more explanation than necessary, I want to know if I can de-
solder the bottom of a T connection without ruining the two straight
connections across the top. In this case, the two parallel connections
are 3/4 inch, and the connection I want to remove the pipe from is 1/2
inch. Can I wrap the joints I want to leave in place with a wet cloth?
Is that even necessary? Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes, I'll agree it can be done. But usually you are better off
getting the whole fitting off and replacing with new. It can be a
bitch getting the new pipe into the old fitting. Usually there is
just enough solder left to make things difficult, and sanding the
inside of a half inch fitting to the point of usability is nothing
nice. Be careful with the heat too. I have heated fittings to the
point of deformng them while trying to get a fitting loose. You could
always cut out the fitting and put a new one in with a repair coupling
if you don't have any play in the 3/4.