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Default Min Height between range and Microwave hood?

Does this Apply to a Rental? Slumlord here I come...

So I think since there are a few others there with 17, I'll see what I can
Squeeze in. Its an older cabinet unit and I really dont wan to have to
re-work it to get a few more inches.

Thanks all...

"aemeijers" wrote in message
Ken wrote:
More than just fire safety is at issue. Also need to consider how tall the
cook is, and the airflow for the exhaust fan built into the micro. I'm
6'3", and have seen retrofits hung so low, that I would have to bend over
to look in a pot on the back burner of the range. Sometimes the cabinet
above stove has to be replaced with a shorter one (if that style is still
available), or a hardwood shelf, trimmed and finished to match. (Or just
write off that cabinet position, and fabricate a drywall or metal soffit
above.) One of those things that is a judgment call, and you have to see
the kitchen to decide.

But yeah, 24" is about as low as I would even think about going.

aem sends...