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Default Min Height between range and Microwave hood?

"...snip...if the app were for someone who was a "serious" chef-type

Would a Serious type Chef use A Microwave hood fan for the stove? (-:


"dpb" wrote in message ...
Scott Townsend wrote:

Seems like I've seen a few at 17" though wanted to pass it by the
Authority here...

Way too low imo...that would barely let a large pot under. 24" would be
my bare minimum---let's see, just went out and checked -- the one here is
about 28" which seems, well, "ok"...if the app were for someone who was a
"serious" chef-type, I'd guess even that might be restrictive on occasion,
but for the average Joe/Jane, ought to be adequate...

HTH, $0.02, imo, etc., etc., ...