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Default Min Height between range and Microwave hood?

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008 07:12:56 -0700, "Scott Townsend"

So we bought a Microwave hood for the electric range.

Looked in the Manual and there does not seem to be a recommended distance
between the top of the range and the bottom of the microwave hood.

Seems like I've seen a few at 17" though wanted to pass it by the Authority


Hi Scott,

I can't speak on behalf of the Authority, but I can tell you mine is a
hair over 18 inches which I believe is the recommended height for my
particular model (a Panasonic). I have a gas cook top and if one or
more burners operate on high for an extended period of time, the
exhaust fan automatically kicks on in "cool down" mode (i.e., at its
highest setting) to presumably prevent heat damage; that suggests
you'll want to maintain at least the minimum recommended separation.