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Default Engine hoist capacity

"big e lewis" wrote in message
I am building an engine hoist framework, to hang a chainfall. I will be
using it to pull and install engines and trans in my racecar and other
various vehicles. I planned on using 4x4's for the uprights and the top
crossboard. The crossboard, that the chainfall will hang from, will be
10' long. Is a 4x4 strong enough, or should I use a 4x6, or something
else entirely? I figure the engine/trans combos shouldn't be more than
700 or 800#. Plus maybe a momentary higher weight when a mount hangs up,
and the front of the car lifts up a little with the engine. Any
comments/thoughts are appreciated! Thanks, Big E

I would not lift anything that heavy with wood. I know it has been done,
and is currently done. However, there is a safety factor here, and the
failures are catastrophic.

OSHA rules forbid lifting ANYTHING with rope in their rigging regulations.
In the field, it is done ALL THE TIME, and done safely by people who know
rope, knots, practices. Timber hitch is a common example. Works better and
safer than a chain or sling, but they don't want you to use it.

If the wooden beam is all you have to work with, put two vertical support
members to help distribute the load and make it a little safer.