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Default Installing new bathroom exhaust fan

"Mikepier" wrote in message
Just an FYI, I am not familiar with Panasonic fans, but on the Broan
fans, the side where the plastic exhaust comes out gets in the way of
putting a second bracing parallel to the joist. So you might want to
check if you can put a second brace on the Panasonic and make sure
nothing is in the way.

Thanks - FYI the Panisonic fan box is metal and on one side is the duct
adapter and electrical box (all in one peice). That comes off so you can
slide the box in and then re-attaches above once the box is installed. The
Panisonic duct adaper is metal and it would have interfered with the brace
but I left about an 1/8 inch clearance when I installed the brace so it all
worked out fine.