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Default help me solve my baseboard heater mystery.

"Charlie" wrote in message
On Mar 12, 7:10 pm, "RBM" wrote:
"Charlie" wrote in message


On Mar 12, 3:43 pm, "Ryan Weihl" wrote:
Charlie wrote:

I tested the voltage on my breaker, it was 110 on one wire (to
ground), 110 on the other wire to ground, but 0 in between both wires.

When I tested on a working breaker on the other side of the board, it
was again 110, and 110, but 220 between them.

Does this mean the breaker should be replaced?

Probably it is bad and needs replacing. One more check to confirm this is
to check across the breakers. Using a voltmeter, they sould read zero. If
you are still getting 110 on each one , then you should get zero volts
across them (well maybe one or two volts may show up on some meters) when
they are on. If one has 110 across it, then it is bad and should be

If this was a new instalation and not one that had been working, then it may
have been both brakers hooked to the same 'phase' instead of one to one
phase and the other breaker hooked to the other phase.