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Default News article: Criminal records now available for public access

On Mar 13, 12:29*am, MSmith wrote:
Criminal records now available for public access

By Michael Smith

NEW YORK (AP) - Criminal records, once previously available only to
police and federal law enforcement, are now available to the general

Bankruptcy records, DMV records, and various other civil records have
been made available to the public through the Freedom of Information
Act and the Patriot Act. People from all over America are now using view information on
potential employees, friends, and lovers.

"I never thought I would find information like this!" says Julia Lee,
who recently used the website to find out private information on a
potential business partner. "He was seriously in debt, and had pending
criminal charges!" she said.

Christopher Jones, of the Institute for Access to Information said
this opens up a whole new world to private citizens. "Previously, you
never had the ability to find out this kind of information."

"Now, anyone will have the ability to get any kind of records they
want, on almost any individual."

Website listed in this article can be found he

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