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Default Which Lawn/Garden tractor?

Quality and cheap are contradictions, an oxymoron if you will. If you
don't want to bust the budget, find a good used Wheel Horse garden
tractor (PRE TORO) and both a snow thrower attachment and the dozer
blade attachment. It takes about 20 minutes to go from one to the other,
and you will have the best of both worlds, a blade for light snows, and
the thrower for the heavy stuff. Don't sweat the fact that a Wheel Horse
snow thrower attachment is single stage instead of a two stage blower.
The huge diameter chute, and the narrow center "paddle" of the auger
make the Wheel Horse single stage thrower very efficient and very hard
to plug. Also, those old cast-iron Kohler engines used in the vast
majority of those tractors are almost impossible to kill if you keep
them full of oil.

Phil wrote:
I'm thinking about getting a lawn/garden tractor. My requirements are that it must
be able to hook up to a snow plow blade, and be decent quality while cheap.

My yard & driveway are quite small, but I have health issues so am looking for something
I can drive around. Any recommendations on brands/models would be appreciated.

Thanks, Phil