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Default What bait to use in mousetraps?

Isn't a .22 a bit of overkill for a mouse?
I use the 'foot of god' method'

I fold the glue trap over, put it on the floor outside and stomp on it,
instantly the mouse is no longer suffering, the trap is now stuck together
so the glue is inside where it doesn't stick to everything, and it's all
ready to throw out.

Mikey S.
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When I catch them in the glue traps, I take the trap outside and use
my 22 rifle on them. I dont like to see any animal suffer but I can
not stand mice in the house. They die fast when the shot blasts them
apart. Those I catch in a spring trap get tossed outside and my farm
cats all fight over it. But I cant leave the glue traps where a cat
gets stuck to it and I'd have one hell of a time trying to clean that
stuff off the cat. I always burn the glue trap immediately since we
do not have trash pickup.