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Default Can Fla. insurance co. be held to homeowners binder rate thatdiffers from policy rate due to incorrect info submitted by agent?

On Mar 6, 12:59*am, wrote:
This is the roof in question:

That is not what the insurance company considers a hip roof. You have
3 exposed gable ends

Sorry, my mistake FOUR exposed gable ends.

That's what I thought. There's absolutely no way to call this a
"partial hip" roof correct? Sounds like the agent was engaging in some
bait 'n switch or just tossing crap and seeing what sticks.

*Have you done the gable reinforcing recomended by
You might be able to do other things on that site for other discounts.
They will give you a free inspection and recomendations

I appreciate the tip, will definitely look into it.