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Jon Elson
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Default Building a Homemade Fuel-Injection System on a Briggs and Stratton5 HP Engine

T.C. Mann wrote:


I would like to know if anyone has ever tried to implement a FI system
for use on a small lawn mower engine. What would be involved in doing
this and would it work? Are there any DIY sites that discuss this or
are plans available? Any other good references? Thanks a bunch.

We had a team build a hybrid electric car a few years back, for an SAE
national university challenge. The engine and car were donated, so you had
to use those parts. The engine, as I remember, was a Briggs&Stratton
2-cyl engine. The young woman who got herself elected project leader
found an outfit that had been preparing to market small engine EFI systems
when it looked like the EPA was going to require emissions controls on
small engines. They had a kit with the computer and a few other components
that she bought. She hooked up two of the injectors off the Ford Taurus,
used the existing fuel pump in the tank, and one of the O2 sensors off the
original engine, calibrated the thing, and it worked. I was rather amazed
at the expertise of a 21-yr old mechanical engineer to pull this off!
(The graduate-level electrical engineer working on the electronics for
the main DC motor drive was ALL wet, ignored all my advice, and
ended up with a car powered by a 90 Hp electric motor plowing sideways
through a room full of people when the main power transistor shorted.
There were people climbing benches and whatever to get out of the way!
Luckily, no injuries on that one.)

Anyway, I do't recall the name of the outfit that made this kit, but it was
apparently a configure-it-yourself setup, with a PC program that would
allow you to do all the calibration, etc.)