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Robert Swinney
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Default Building a Homemade Fuel-Injection System on a Briggs and Stratton 5 HP Engine

Yeah, but the "fun" might go out of it when you tried to make a fuel pump
and adapt it to the engine.

Bob Swinney
"Todd Rearick" wrote in message
You know...I've wondered the same thing. I have an old Toro lawn mower

I use for odd jobs around the house. I think it was made in '75 or there
abouts. Anway, It's a bit finicky to get started...easy to flood and

touchy to adjust the choke right. I'm sure most would call me crazy, but

think it would be a fun project to build a FI system for it.

Sorry...I don't really have any info or links...just moral support.

"T.C. Mann" wrote in message

I would like to know if anyone has ever tried to implement a FI system
for use on a small lawn mower engine. What would be involved in doing
this and would it work? Are there any DIY sites that discuss this or
are plans available? Any other good references? Thanks a bunch.