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Default A "trick" that helped w/ faucet handle...

Oren wrote:
On Mon, 03 Mar 2008 17:06:19 -0600, dpb wrote:

Oren wrote:
A little "trick" I learned was to tighten a bolt or nut - carefully -
when it won't loosen. Back it off a bit and then apply a liquid
solvent. It seems to break the grip; allowing the fluid in.

My experience has generally been if it's so "growed together" as to be a
real problem loosening, there's little chance of tightening it either.
The biggest advent for fasteners was the invention of the impact wrench.

I have a hand held impact wrench. Hit it with my hammer!

They work on occasion mostly for 3/4" and smaller--much of what is a
problem for me is larger farm equipment that needs serious help. While
there's almost always some way w/ the "old" tricks, air now is so simple
it's just the "go to" first routine.

Glad the wood and hammer worked for you. My tool box often has a piece
of hard wood and a hammer. The go too tools!

For some things such as this, it's indeed the choice -- also a very good
choice for bearings, etc., ...