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Default A "trick" that helped w/ faucet handle...

Seems like there have been several threads recently regarding stuck
faucet handles, etc. Just a solution for a problem I had over the
weekend in case somebody comes along and googles...

Single lever Delta lavatory faucet needed replacement seats/ball to stop
a drip. We have very hard water and the handle was not possible to get
off even after letting sit w/ a modified baggie full of vinegar and CLR
around it over most of two days. Didn't dissolve enough of the
calcification even w/ the set screw out as an access point, surprisingly.

Solution was to take a piece of 3/4" thick hardwood about 3" by 8" and
drill a 5/8" hole in the middle. Then split it lengthwise and placed it
around the handle behind the knob on the end and used a small C-clamp to
hold it in place. This provided a good surface against which to use a
hammer/mallet while applying pressure on the other end.

Took a surprising amount of effort w/ the hammer yet, but removed the
handle w/o damaging any of the plating, etc.

HTH somebody, maybe...