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Default Stucco issues

Just looking for some advice... I use to paint full-time when I was
younger, but just started picking up a job here and there for extra
money recently. The house I'm working on has stucco issues that are a
little beyond what I've seen in the past. I fixed some of the stucco
areas that had disintegrated through to the second base coat myself.
It turned out pretty good. But the house has been painted over the
stucco a few times, and there's a wall on the east side of the house
where there's quite a bit of bubbling where the paint has lifted. I
scraped off the worst of it and started using just finish coat stucco
texture over the areas that were scraped. This is the stucco skim coat
texture with the tiny pebbles. It doesn't have cement in it. I noticed
after some of it had dried that I could hear new little bubble areas
over the part I had just done, when I tapped it with my finger. How
bad is it to put a stucco texture coat over painted stucco? Obviously
it would be best to strip the whole wall, but they don't want to pay
for that. I'm just wondering what the chances are of it peeling soon
after and if there's anything I can do to help prevent it.

Thanks for any info,