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Default birdbath repair suggestions

Northe wrote:
I have a birdbath -- definitely not concrete or fiberglass, probably
some kind of plaster. Apparently there was some sort of coating on
the inside of the bowl and after a freezing night or two the
coating spalled and the bowl developed some fine cracks and now
leaks. I'm looking for some sort of coating I can use inside the
bowl to stop the leaking. One of the local hardware stores
recommended the water-based latex form of Drylok masonry
waterproofer -- I wish it was available in less than a gallon-sized
can. Someone else recommended some kind of bitumen paint -- but
didn't know the brand or where it was available. Obviously I don't
want anything that'd be toxic for the birds.

Don't use any thing with bitumenous material...bye, bye birdie.

If the cracks are truly fine an acrylic sealer such as Seal-Krete
should work pretty well assuming the material is porous.

If it leaks a LOT, epoxy would fix it. Seal-Krete would be cheaper
(MUCH), it costs around $12/gallon.

I would think a cementacious paint might work too. As would an
elastometric paint.



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