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Default Is undercoat / sealer necessary for new plaster?

In message , Steven Campbell
After having some plaster work done I thought there would nothing else to do
but give the walls a few coats of white emulsion. However after the 3rd
coat, I can still see a difference of colour from the old plaster to the new

I've still to do a couple of walls where there is old and new plaster on the
same wall.

Is it worth putting undercoat on first? Would it make a big difference?

Also would it be worth while applying the undercoat to the walls I have
previously painted that the new plaster can still be seen?


You should apply a "****" coat first. So called because the paint has
been watered down so much it is as thin as ****.

Basically, first coat, any cheap old emulsion mixed approx 50/50 with

I've had luck with some rooms where one **** coat and one proper coat
was all that was needed, others needed a **** coat and two proper coats.
(all these rooms done by the same plasterer).

One thing I've never got away with though is plaster coving. Always
seems to need a gazillion coats regardless.