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Default Which Lawn/Garden tractor?

"Phil Marshall" wrote in message
"Joseph Meehan" wrote:
It might be helpful if we knew how much snow you normally get at one
time. 3 inches or 3 feet?

I live in Michigan, so we get a good amount of snow. But the area I'd plow
is small, 20'x20' , a parking pad, and I'd plow b4 it got too high.

A push plow is not a good idea. I have used a much larger farm tractor with
a push blade. The first problem is that once you have pushed the snow over
to the edge of where you want to clean, the snow is there and you cannot
just keep pushing, either the engine will not have enough power or traction.
Once it freezes in place then you find the next snow starts to build up in
the area you want to clear. Without a bucket that can lift and dump the
snow, you will find it frustrating to clear with just a push blade. I see
everything that is happening here in Canada with pick-up truck plows that
clear store parking, eventually most of the parking is taken up with stored
snow that they cannot move. Doesn't matter if you do little bits or a large
drift that forms overnight, the result is the same.

Don't waste your money get a snow blower. Or a tractor with a blower.