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Default Ancillary roofing considerations

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ransley wrote:

On Feb 15, 11:26*am, Smitty Two wrote:
I admit to not taking notes when this topic was discussed recently, but
I'm planning to have a new roof put on this year.

I recall that others had expected the roofers to do some things that,
apparently, roofers don't do unless specifically addressed and included
in the contract - yet they are things that ought to be done concurrently
by someone, anyway. What were those things? (The roof is a simple,
low-pitch gable.)

Often roofers cheat on chimney flashing by caulking to the chimney, it
should be cut into the chimneys mortar and remortared, copper is best.
Be sure they look inside to find rot and bid it now. Pull a permit,
you get a free inspection that should guarntee a good job. Pay after
inspection but call the inspector during the job so he comes out. Call
the roofers insurance co yourself to be sure the roofer is covered,
certificates are easily forged. A big magnet should be used to clean
up nails.

Hmm, I will keep these things in mind. Hadn't considered the permit at
all. I don't live close by, but hopefully my tenant can coordinate the
inspector. At what stage would it be best inspected?