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Default trimming out a basement door next to concrete walls

"Mike" wrote in message
I just installed an exterior door at the bottom of a basement
bulkhead. I framed out the opening for the door using PT 2X4s since
the boards rest (end grain down) on a concrete floor. The pre-hung
door sits on a bed of silicone caulk and I nailed it in place to the
2X4s with galvanized finish nails.

Not sure how well the bare ends (assuming a cut) of PT will like a
potentially damp surface. If there is uncolored wood exposed, it may not
have had the PT protectant applied to it.

When I had a similar setup with wood on bare floors (my wood had cut ends
and floor had been dampened), I braced the wall weight off the floor and
used a fat blade on a Sawzall to trim the bottom edge off the lumber. Then
I shimmed in chunks of composite shingles as a replacement and moisture
barrier. Naturally, things we unfinished, so it was pretty easy. So far so