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Default Removing 1 row of concrete block

On Oct 31, 1:37 pm, wrote:
On Oct 31, 10:47 am, DerbyDad03 wrote:

On Oct 30, 5:27 pm, wrote:

I'm building a courtyard wall using mortaredconcreteblock (8x8x16).
According to my wife, I've built it onerowtoo high. Is there an easy
way to remove the toprowwithout destroying therowunderneath? I
used type S mortar, which I assume is a lot stronger than the block
itself. Thanks.

Wow! Your wife wasn't supervising while you built the wall? Ask her
if she'll marry me.

She was supervising of course. After I put on the last row she change
her mind. I explained to her this isn't like moving furniture around.
At the end of the day we compromised like married couples do: the wall
will be the height she wants and I'll do the work....:-)

Ah the great compromise and rule #1. If she ain't happy, you ain't
happy. One must learn that the pants is the boss and what he decides
is what happens. Of course he must be sure that what he decides is
what she wants.

Harry K