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Default moen faucet, defies physics.

If you know the model faucet, look it up on I usually go to
the section at the top called "Buy Parts Online", which will guide you
through a series of questions to identify your faucet. Then I go to
"Support" and input the model number I just found, and get the
detailed Instructions sheet/owners manual. By following these
directions you can avoid scratching the sink and damaging things by
doing things the wrong way. It also says about your problem: "To
Eliminate Cross-Piping on Back-To-Back Installations, or To Correct
Reversed Rough-In Where Hot and Cold Positions Are Reversed - Remove
handle parts and stop tube (see "Disassembly"). Turn cartridge stem
around so that the notched flat is turned one half turn or 180.
Reinstall handle parts. Tighten handle screw securely; replace handle