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Default Removing 1 row of concrete block

On Oct 31, 10:47 am, DerbyDad03 wrote:
On Oct 30, 5:27 pm, wrote:

I'm building a courtyard wall using mortaredconcreteblock (8x8x16).
According to my wife, I've built it onerowtoo high. Is there an easy
way to remove the toprowwithout destroying therowunderneath? I
used type S mortar, which I assume is a lot stronger than the block
itself. Thanks.

Wow! Your wife wasn't supervising while you built the wall? Ask her
if she'll marry me.

She was supervising of course. After I put on the last row she change
her mind. I explained to her this isn't like moving furniture around.
At the end of the day we compromised like married couples do: the wall
will be the height she wants and I'll do the work....:-)

Take all day and part of the night to do the job. Don't outwardly complain,
suffer in (visible) silence, i.e., be seen taking 4 asprin, creaking around,
etc. Mention, in passing, "No effort is too great to please you..."

The results on her could go either way.