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"wingnut" wrote in message
SteveB wrote:
My ac guys came today and installed a heat pump on top of an addition.
They did it before the roofer roofed. Is this common? Shouldn't they
have roofed first? It's going to be metal roof.

They also put in a dryer vent. A box at the bottom, then a straight
pipe. They cut a hole in the roof, but one truss over from the pipe. I'm
ass-u-ming that they cut the hole in the wrong place, as there's a 3'
piece of pipe sitting there on the floor not connected. The top of the
vent pipe runs to the top of the top plate. I don't want any flex in
there, as it would be a tight flex because it's a slightly sloped roof,
and it would take two tight flexes to make it to the hole they cut.
Dryer vents are best when a straight shot, right?


Hello Steve,

A/C units are required to be secured to the roof. This tends to make
holes in the roof. This is not news to the roofers, who will be blamed
for any leaks. The roofer may wish to follow the HVAC man on this.
It is common practice as far as I know and done. Your local mileage may

BTW, A/C units are not mounted directly on the roof but on racks, etc.

Perhaps the straight shot for the vent to the roof would exhaust the vent
in a bad spot. Too close to the A/C, or there may local code issues to

Read your dryers owner manual for allowed dryer vent length.
A shorter run is better for the dryer, but we do what we have to. My vent
runs 28' with 4 elbows......not ideal but well within manufactures specs.

Why not ask the HVAC man? After all he can see your house.

Am going to do that today, but have to leave soon for Vegas, then back
tomorrow. I'll call him on the phone. I just like to bounce ideas around
in here before I ask stupid or obvious questions. In here, people are a
little more relaxed. Well, some people, any way.