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Default knobs or pulls or both?

Our drawers work fine with the same knobs that are on the cabinets. One in
the centre for small drawers, two spaced out for the large.

"djay" wrote in message
Hi all!

Haven't been here in a while and, well, the wife is interested in
"redoing" the kitchen cabinets and drawers etc. This translates into
refinishing and adding hardware. Right now the drawer fronts and cabinets
have no pulls or knobs and we just use the edge of the drawer/cabinet door
to open said door or cabinet. So the finish wears off etc. Anyway, I
will refinish (have done the vanity wit excellent results- so this is no

She likes these brushed nickel fooball knobs and I was wondering if the
football knobs would also be acceptable on the drawers. This probably
comes down to personal taste so opinions will vary, however is there some
steadfast rule for pulls on drawers and knobs on cabinets? What say
YOU!?!? Thanks! Djay