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Default Removing 1 row of concrete block

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 14:27:55 -0700, wrote:

I'm building a courtyard wall using mortared concrete block (8x8x16).
According to my wife, I've built it one row too high. Is there an easy
way to remove the top row without destroying the row underneath? I
used type S mortar, which I assume is a lot stronger than the block
itself. Thanks.

Safest way would be to cut through the mortar joint with a diamond saw
from both sides of the wall. If you can only get to one side, you can
rent a saw big enough to saw all the way through. It's a messy, dusty
job, (unless you rent a wet saw, in which case it's only messy.) But
it will leave a nice clean edge that won't require much clean up.

If you just built the wall, the mortar may not be full strength, and a
well placed whack with a small sledge may do the trick. Of course you
run the risk of damaging one or more blocks in the lower row, which
would then have to be sawn out and replaced...

Third option, get a less fussy wife :-)