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Default Questions about carpet cleaning...

on 10/30/2007 6:34 PM Toller said the following:
After the answers JohnB got below, I am almost afraid to ask!

Our berber carpet is 5 years old and is getting a bit dirty in high traffic
My wife says we have to get it cleaned or it will damage the carpet.
Is that true? I would think cleaning is harder on it than being dirty; but
don't really know.

Do commercial cleaners use various methods? Any better than others?

Buy your own carpet cleaner (Bissell). It's as good as the professional
We once had a professional cleaner take our oriental carpet to the shop
for a cleaning, We told them that we wanted it back on a certain date
because we were having a party. The date was a week later. The date came
and no carpet. We called them and they delivered it that day. It was
still wet. We bought a Bissell the next day.


In Hamptonburgh, NY
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