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Default Counterytop doesn't meet tiles

"Mark" wrote in message
You are fortunate that the tile is pretty plan. You should be able to
find a complementary trim tile that you could use to fill the gap. But I
agree, the contactor that installed the counter should have stopped and
consulted you about the gap before finishing the installation. Installing
a shim piece on the cabinet would have been a much better solution.

Maybe, but since the front is visible, that 3/8" shim will look like crap.

Often, there is no simple answer. Make the top thicker? That would look
out of scale. Replace the wall tile? That would look the best, but is
expensive and time consuming.

Too many times I've started with a simple spruce up or paint one room and
end up doing major work as there is never a clean line to stop and not
affect the rest of the room or the next room.