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Default Counterytop doesn't meet tiles

"Dee Dee" wrote in message
On Oct 20, 5:15 pm, "O" wrote:
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On Oct 20, 4:21 pm, "Edwin Pawlowski" wrote:
"Dee Dee" wrote in message
Two strips of tile (about 3/8") are missing near the corner where an
appliance garage was removed, so that is a problem as well.

But we can't get any advise on what product or technique to fill the
space between the Cambria countertops and the tile if we do not want
to replace all the tile.

Any comments appreciated.

How about a photo without all the stuff on the counter? That would help
a better idea what you are talking about. Meantime, I'd consider some
of decorative trim or cove to cover the gap.
Here is a picture of where the tiles meet the countertop. It may not
be light enough.

I'm not sure what you mean by "...some soft of decorative trim or

I do have some towels up against the space now just to make sure that
no water seeps into the gap.

Thanks for your reply.

From the picture it appears that the countertop extends UNDER the backsplash
tile, but that a small gap remains between the bottom of the tile and the
top of the countertops. I'd consider shimming-up the countertop until it is
flush with the bottom of the tile. The current gap also gives you an
excellent opportunity to get some clear silicone caulk between the two
surfaces before you close the gap.

Just my .02 worth....

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Husband says: It is not wise to try to shim something that is this
cumbersome and heavy, and you don't want to come apart. This
countertop was just installed put four joints in an U shape which
weighs approximately 1,000 pounds total.

Why was the countertop not built higher to fill the gap?

You could just fill the gap with appropriately cut wood trim, then caulk.