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Default This Old [millionaires] House

On Oct 19, 5:13 pm, "Bob F" wrote:
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... Last night, they showed how to replace an old cast
iron toilet flange so the toilet won't rock on a newly installed
floor. Not very glamorous or expensive, but lots of tips ...

Actually, the part I saw that was pretty kewl was the plaster wall repair w/
the adhesive behind the wall to stick it to the lath again and the
plastic-washer screws into the lath to bring the section back into solid
contact. Hadn't seen that before.

Can you describe this in any more detail? This sounds like something I could


I imagine it will be on the TOH website. In essence, they drilled
many small holes in the wall all along the areas of plaster cracking,
then injected an adhesive into the holes (with a caulk gun). Then,
they drilled in screws with attached large, round, plastic washers,
which pulled the lath and plaster into contact with each other. You
could see the adhesive squirt out the holes as the plaster and lath
were pulled together. After allowing the adhesive to dry, they
removed the screws/washers, skim coated the wall (is that the right
term?), and when dry, it was perfect and ready to paint.

Jo Ann