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Default This Old [millionaires] House

hillacc at wrote:
On Oct 19, 11:03 am, "JoeSpareBedroom" wrote:
"Bill" wrote in message

... Last night, they showed how to replace an old cast
iron toilet flange so the toilet won't rock on a newly installed
floor. Not very glamorous or expensive, but lots of tips ...

Actually, the part I saw that was pretty kewl was the plaster wall
repair w/ the adhesive behind the wall to stick it to the lath again and
the plastic-washer screws into the lath to bring the section back into
solid contact. Hadn't seen that before.

The real advantage of it imo, being in a small market area where new
technology is slow to arrive (if ever) is the number of products they
demonstrate that are clever solutions that are new (at least to me)...