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Default This Old [millionaires] House

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$30k complete kitchen remodel is actually cheap. $30k may just barely
cover high end appliances. $100K kitchen madeover is not that unusual.

The trick is to spend $30K and have it look like $100K. DIY, layout
planning, material selection and smart shopping helps a lot.

"Smart shopping"... starting with skipping the high end appliances! :^)

My $350 GE dishwasher washes dishes (that's its job, right?) as well as
any fancy model with a stainless front panel.

Eric Law

Yeah...I don't understand this high end appliance thing.

Status, increase property value and sometimes you find someone who really
use all of it to cook up a storm. Some exclusive neighborhoods demand high
end components or you're stuck not able to sell the house or sell at a much
reduced price.

Wife was a professional cook so she could use every bit of it. You need to
make the distinction that high end that has the looks but is not really
commercial restaurant quality. Restaurant components in some cases could
even be much cheaper than the imitations.

See that Asian lady on TV cooking something like 20 main dishes for a
special feast with just one burner? She needs no stinking high end
appliances, she doesn't even have a refrigerator. I better not remind my
wife about that or I'll get frozen dinners for the next month.

I know someone who
remodeled their kitchen and installed a $4000.00 Viking range. My son hung
out at the kid's house often over a period of 5 years. He said the
fanciest food he ever saw made was Stouffer's frozen mac & cheese. On a
typical day, it was take out pizza or Chinese food.