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Default This Old [millionaires] House

On 19 Oct, 11:44, "Bill" wrote:
I don't know about you, but these home improvement shows are WAY beyond my
budget lately.

I was watching This Old House last night and they had a $3000.00 plus
consultant hired in to study backyard water drainage and give
recommendations. Then they hired a crane to cut down a tree! (So they could
"lower" it down gently.) I'm sure that cost a pretty penny.

I just can't relate to these shows anymore so far as my home goes and my
budget. ($30,000.00 for a kitchen remodel, $60,000.00 to fix the place up a
bit, etc.)

Most people I know are hard pressed to come up with a few thousand dollars
for home projects...

Another problem with TOH and many of the other shows on the DIY
Network is that the original shows ran once a week. Now they are re-
running them every day, multiple times a day. Unfortunately there just
wasn't enough eposides written for their to be enough unique shows and
they show the same projects over and over again. Add to that the fact
that aren't running any of the Bob Villa shows (contractual issues?)
so that limits the TOH projects to the limited number that prep-boy
Steve hosted.

A sure sign that they have flooded the market with DIY shows is the
new show "The Inside Job". This "behind the scenes" show keeps the
cameras rolling after the taped portions are over to show you how a
home improvement show is made. It also shows the show being taped by
using extra cameras to get the production crew on camera. What's next?
Cameras to film the cameramen who are filming the cameramen who are
filming the show? "Inside the Inside Job"