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Default Need Homemade Anti Foaming Agent for Rug Doctor

On Fri, 21 Sep 2007 23:16:16 GMT, "JoeSpareBedroom"

"Oren" wrote in message
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I can't answer the question, but I'd be interested in the final results
you're done, as well as your opinion of the machine itself. I was eyeing
them at the store today, comparing the cost to a carpet cleaning service
that's done decent work for me in the past.

The Rug Doctor machine is a good rental, worth every bit. I've used
them twice in a former home...renting from the grocery store. They
make money on the liquid products.


Does it leave much of a chemical smell during the drying process, or just
detergent-ish? I work at home. There's no escape...however, I have maybe a
month during which I can open lots of windows. After that....chilly.

I used the recommended liquids when I rented. IMO there was no
significant odor or smell. Later I used upholstery cleaner in the car
- when the house was finished. Clean the car carpets

Allow to dry, and yes open windows will always help.


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