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Default Potterton Puma 80 - no hot water - again

In message , Lesley R
The pilot light went out a couple of weeks ago. Could reingnite it,
but it didn't flare when the hot tap was turned on. No hot water :-(.
There was also a leak coming from the left side of the unit. The low
pressure light was also lit. We called a plumber, he fixed it and
said we needed a new pump. He still hasn't come back to fix it yet.

Anyway...the ho****er is not working again - no leak this time. No low
pressure light. The boiler seems to flare, then for a second a trickle
of hot water, then just cold very low pressure water. I've spoken with
another plumber and he reckons it needs a descale, based on the fact
that the pressure is so low. He hasn't seen the boiler yet. Could this
be the problem? I've read in other threads that "descaling" is
something plumbers throw in to make more money.

If you want to test the low pressure sensor, remove it's connector on
the pcb. (Open circuit means the pressure is OK, short circuit means low
pressure). It is prone to getting crud in it which prevents it from
working properly

If the heat exchanger is scaled up, it will get hot very quickly as
there's not enough water flowing through it to carry the heat away, the
trickle and low pressure hot water would add weight to this. How long
does the boiler fire up for?