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Default Best way to strip flaking paint on a trailer body and sheetmetal

"Gunner" wrote in message
Ive mated the "utility body" I swapped for, with the trailer I
scrounged up and am now at the point I need to do something about
painting, prior to wiring and bling.

The utility body..your typical Reading plumbers truck body, all bins
and whatnot, has badly peeling paint. While the base metal is looks nasty.

What is the best way to strip off the old paint? My sandblaster buddy
is busy as hell and Ive been afraid that sandblasting may warp the
thin metal doors. Hitting it with a cup brush for a half day in 105F
heat is also unattractive.....and is likely to put swirls in the sheet
metal doors.

Buy a couple gallons of paint stripper?

Suggestions are gladly considered


You might try a pressure washer, if the paint is loose. A buddy of mine had
a car that had been re-painted and the "new" paint job started to peel. He
spent a few bucks and a couple hours at the local car wash and had it pretty
well back down to the original paint job...