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Default Coffee Table Project

Associative dimensioning is available in the free version and it works well
and its very easy to use. Angle dimensioning is missing. It took me a
while to "catch the wave" on using Sketchup, but once I caught on, its been
invaluable for preventing mistakes. I am building a real contraption of an
artist easel for my wife right now that has counter weights, pulleys, and
all kinds of moving parts. I could never have done this without sketchup or
a very good cad program. Its really gratifying to cut all he parts like the
drawing says, use a precision dowel jig, and it all fits together like a
factory kit.


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I think that you can do pretty much the same with the freebie one, too.

The "fill" is no problem with the freebie.

It's the "dimensioning" of parts, etc. that, AFAICT, is either not all
robust/intuitive, or maybe even non-existent in the freebie version?

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