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Default The Importance of Power Tools?

"Sean" wrote in message
Table saw was my impression, too. Whenever I watch Norm in his workshop
(yes, he's primarily to blame for me getting the DIY bug) nearly
everything revolves around the saw.

Agree. There are a few guys here that don't have and don't want them but
they are the minority. There is truly no power tool that cannot be gotten
around like they did a couple of hundred years ago.

If you are serious about woodworking, get a good tablesaw up front. Figure
to spend a minimum of $800 or so for a decent saw with a cast iron top. Most
every other tool can be bought on an "as needed" basis as your projects
require them or can justify them. In some cases, the same goal can be
accomplished with a variety of tools so you use what you have at the time.
Tenons, for instance, can be made with a tablesaw, tablesaw with dado blade,
bandsaw, router, etc.