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Default The Importance of Power Tools?

You seem to be off to a really good start. A table saw is probably the next
thing that you should get as it likely will be the most used tool that you
will have. Get a good one as accuracy is very important for making
furniture. Then buy what you need as you find that you need it based on what
you are making. I think a good router table and a table saw are the most
used tools for making furniture. Good squares and measuring tools are also
very important. Learn how and take the time to make fixtures to simplify and
increase the accuracy of what you do. Fixtures and guides are very important
but they can be made for little or no cost, find and read books about
fixtures that you can make yourself to help you make what you want to
better. You can do a lot with very little, but speed and accuracy will
require better tools and the knowlege to use them well.

The journey is more fun than the destination.


"Sean" wrote in message
Would be interested in (as a fairly newbie starter) what people would
consider to be the essential power tools in a workshop and in what

you would buy new equipment. I appreciate that the equipment would suit

types of things that are being made, but what I do is prett basic small
items of general furniture. The idea is to start small and steadily build

the equipment, learning new stuff and getting more and more complicated as

go along.

I presently have a sliding compound mitre saw, pillar drill/morticer,
circular saw, router, standard drill, power driver/drill and palm sander.
The obvious things missing from my shop at the moment are a table saw,
router table and a surface planer/joiner.

Appreciate your input.