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Default Coffee Table Project

A few thoughts:

1) I would add at least a little bit of fixed apron above the "pocket".

2) add a flip-up pin to the back of the pocket that catches on the apron.
Unless you really want it to the pocket can't open all the way (and
consequently dump) onto the floor.

3) As designed, the pocket will automatically close, because of the balance
imposed by the geometry. I have a kitchen trash "cabinet" that is tall
enough to move the center of gravity forward of the hinge when open, so
that it stays open. You may or may not want the auto-close behavior; just be
aware of it.


"Sean" wrote in message
Ideas for the next project.

I've been asked for a simple coffee table, which will double as a storage
box. I see the obvious down-side to this being that you have to clear
everything off the table in order to use the box. I considered adding
drawers, in effect making a coffee table sized set of drawers, but think
that I will be tackling something like the attached.

Excuse the draft pictures, but the effect that I am looking for is that
all four sides would look (almost) the same, but on the two longer sides
would be a tilt-out draw, connected to the legs of the table by a thick
dowel, thereby hiding any hardware.

c_table1 - basic finished idea
c_table2 - shows the top cut away and one of the drawers.

Would be interested in thoughts, suggestions, etc.,


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