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Default Coffee Table Project

So to just throw a new wrinkle on this, have you seen the tabletop lift
Rockler sells?

It opens up the table a new way.


"Sean" wrote in message
Ideas for the next project.

I've been asked for a simple coffee table, which will double as a storage
box. I see the obvious down-side to this being that you have to clear
everything off the table in order to use the box. I considered adding
drawers, in effect making a coffee table sized set of drawers, but think
that I will be tackling something like the attached.

Excuse the draft pictures, but the effect that I am looking for is that
all four sides would look (almost) the same, but on the two longer sides
would be a tilt-out draw, connected to the legs of the table by a thick
dowel, thereby hiding any hardware.

c_table1 - basic finished idea
c_table2 - shows the top cut away and one of the drawers.

Would be interested in thoughts, suggestions, etc.,