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Default new shop working out well - IMG_0029a.JPG (1/1)

If you are not going to insulate the ceiling, and even if you are,
yours looks like a natural for T8 fluorescent lighting with
electronic ballasts. I would think you don't have the ceiling
height for high pressure sodium or metal halides, to say nothing
of the expensive bulbs.

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"Tom Plamann" wrote:

This is for the person who emailed asking me how the new shop
was working

It's getting full.

Tom Plamann

So you're lighting with what, high-bay metal halide fixtures,
but are
supplementing the workbench areas around the columns with

Not exactly an idle question - my comparatively tiny 24x48 foot
shop is
not yet lighted, except by a lot of windows which I felt I
needed, based
on disliking many windowless shops, as the slow construction
with me as the builder drags on - some sketchy pictures and no
explanatory text at all at

Of course, I only have about 11-1/2 feet to the bottom of my
joists, or
13 feet to the bottom of the floor on top of them if I mount
in-between the joists, so I don't know if high-bay fixtures are
going to work. You must have 18-20 foot to the roof? Efficiency
in to light out) of lighting is going to matter quite a bit
company being jerks = off-grid), and I'm already hitting the
point where
I need a lot of light, so "efficiency" masquerading as "not very
light" won't cut it.

Tidy efficiency - a nice goal, A goal I do actually have, but
this is
not yet even close:

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