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Default Ideal Concord WRS boiler not firing

"cj" wrote in message
Hi all,

I have an Idea Concord WRS boiler (230A).

After he has gone I realised that I would need to re-light the
boiler. After quite a few attempts I finanally manged to light the
pilot light. However the boiler will now not fire. The thermostat is
turned up high, hot water and heating turned on and rotary knob on
boiler is set to 6. All you can hear is a very quiet sound like a
pump (maybe). The pilot light stays on but boiler just won't fire.

Any ideas?

My Concord is the 255, possibly similar.
As you had trouble lighting the pilot, could it be that you need to turn the
pilot up to have enough heat for the pilot failure device to function.
I adjust the pilot by means of a sunken grub screw at the bottom of the
igniter panel.
OTH, when I had my boiler moved some years ago it failed after the
reinstallation, although it had worked perfectly before, this required a new
Seems these things fail when they've been turned off for whatever reason.
Like a light bulb they fail as you turn them on.
Don't think you can blame the plumber for this.