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Default Ideal Concord WRS boiler not firing

On 28 May 2007 04:43:42 -0700, cj wrote:

Any ideas? Maybe by turning off the gas supply without first turning
off the boiler has activated some sort of safety shut off valve? I'm
in the dark because I don't have any instructions for it.

Thought the experts would have been here by now but perhaps there's something
good on tele. So meanwhile...

The instructions don't tell you much anyway.
The boiler has no fancy cut-outs so it must be a pretty basic fault.
It has a standard thermocouple just above the pilot light - this might need
replacing but I would not have expected its expiry to coincide with removal of
the gas supply. Otherwise there is the gas valve whose coil can go open circuit
but again nothing to do with your maintenance.
On my WRS240A the mains supply is an IEC connector plugging in to the left of
the temperature dial. You could pull this out and check for a supply present
when your timer/thermostat etc is calling for heat.