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Default Ideal Concord WRS boiler not firing

Hi all,

I have an Idea Concord WRS boiler (230A).

Last week I removed a radiator for decorating and on the same day paid
a guy (corgu regerstered) to come round and remove the feed to an old
gas fire. He obvioulsy turned the gas supply off which would have
killed the supply to the boiler as well.

After he has gone I realised that I would need to re-light the
boiler. After quite a few attempts I finanally manged to light the
pilot light. However the boiler will now not fire. The thermostat is
turned up high, hot water and heating turned on and rotary knob on
boiler is set to 6. All you can hear is a very quiet sound like a
pump (maybe). The pilot light stays on but boiler just won't fire.

Any ideas? Maybe by turning off the gas supply without first turning
off the boiler has activated some sort of safety shut off valve? I'm
in the dark because I don't have any instructions for it. I would
really apreciate some help because I don't want to pay for a plumber
unless I really have to. I even put the radiator back on to make sure
this wasn't the problem but obviously this made no difference.