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Default OT - Steady Rest

Hi John

I would go for a home made steady rest, they are not that hard to make
at all, and there are several plans out there.
As for the wheels, yes you should go for the inline skate wheels, not
the hard metal ones or just ball bearings.
I was very lucky, happen to see a set that had been priced down to
$9.-- I think it was, couldn't believe it, brand new high quality set
that somehow had only 7 wheels in the sealed pack, but that just don't
happen to often, so yes go to any Goodwill or a recycle place, maybe a
skating ring/place around where broken ones might be discarded.

Have fun and take care
Leo Van Der Loo

On Apr 19, 7:07 pm, "JJM" wrote:
I am new to the group and not real good at doing detailed searches so this
topic may have been addressed in the past.

I am looking for a steady rest for my Jet full size lathe (14"). Woodcraft
has their own with bearings, OneWay has theirs for about $110 with rubber
wheels and then I see some homemade units that look really slick using the
roller blade type of wheels.

Question is: Throw me some opinions of what works and what does not work.
I really like the idea of making my own but I went to a sporting goods store
and just to buy inline skate wheels with the bearings and you can drop
anywhere from $40 to an insane $100+. My kids are grown and gone or I would
snag some from their old skates that we probably threw away a few years ago.

Thanks folks in advance for the help.