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Default Fast blow vs. slow blow fuse

On Feb 5, 11:35 am, wrote:
On Feb 5, 1:45 am, Eeyore

Jim Land wrote:

Looking at fuse how do you tell difference? Thanks.

Most reliable way is to read the part number on the side of the fuse and
look it up in the manufacturer's catalog.

For example, in the USA, MDL-7-1/2 is a 7.5 amp time-delay, AGC-7-1/2 is

It's worth pointing out that US fuses are different to the rest of the world.

You may also find international (IEC) fuses in US gear as described by Arfa.


Thanks all. My fuse is blown but element remaining does have a "blob"
in middle. Marks are on 1 end is current / voltage 4a/125 on other is
buss gmc ul csa and a "T in a rectangle." What's th "T"? Ideas on what
type fuse? Thanks. FYI for a TV.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Looked on bussman site and found medium time delay. Tried a GMA fast
acting in set and blew. Think I should get GMC or you think there's a
ground condition. 1st fuse doesn't look bad...clear glass and alot of
element left intack.